Our vision is to see what some have called the missing generation of the church (kids, youth, students and young adults) become the REBUILDING GENERATION OF THE CHURCH.

The story began several years ago when Rich felt like God prompted him with the verse Isaiah 58:12:

“Your people will REBUILD the ancient ruins and will RAISE up the age-old foundations; you will be called REPAIRER of broken walls, RESTORER of Streets with Dwellings.

The Rebuilding Generation is setup to release this generation into their God given calling. Our role is to equip them to step out and make a positive difference in whatever sphere of society they find themselves in.

Our Objects
  • to advance the Christian religion in the United Kingdom and/or the world through providing resources, training, events and pioneering new forms of church which equip and enable Christian people, especially young people, to impact the world around them in every sphere of society in which they find themselves to be changed by the message of life and social transformation central to the Christian faith as the charity trustees see fit; and
  • to advance education and awareness and to prevent and relieve suffering with a specific focus on raising awareness and understanding of social transformation issues, including but not limited to: ending domestic violence, ending poverty, ending human trafficking as the charity trustees think fit.